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Impeller for New Energy Vehicles: Our impellers, co-designed by WANOX (Suzhou) and our Italian team, serve as core components for electronic water pumps. They offer superior performance for petrol or water pumps, utilizing high-resistance materials to enhance longevity.

Body Shell of Electronic Water Pump: With international mass production experience, we provide customizable mold design and assist in obtaining technical certification. We centrally purchase metal parts for the shell body, pairing them with our professional assembly line for streamlined batch production.

Volute Cover, E-Water Pump Housing: We provide customizable solutions for product dimensions and raw material performance. Our international mass production experience ensures quality, and our cost-saving approach involves only replacing the necessary embedded tube part.

Oil Circuit Protector: We offer tailored development solutions to achieve mass production. Our services include improving oil pipeline compatibility, ensuring product stability, and optimizing raw materials to pass impact tests successfully.