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WANOX’s R&D team is based in Suzhou and works with our Italian counterparts to offer world-class solutions. Our team, skilled in software simulation, material selection, and optimizing cycle times, combines Italian and local technical expertise to offer global solutions.

We specialise in high-temperature mold products and provide a 200℃ mold process to improve product stability and ensure mold lifespan. We excel with materials like PA+GF, transparent PC, white PC+ABS for industrial products, and PP/PE for medical and consumer goods. All our products have achieved successful mass production domestically and internationally.
We have successfully mass-produced these products for our domestic and international customers and are committed to providing our clients with outstanding products and services. 

Our analytical capabilities are enhanced by a robust suite of 2D, 3D, and mold analysis software, including ProE/Creo, UG, AutoCAD, ZW CAD, and Moldflow.